John Gagliano Honored With Board of Directors Position

October 6, 2018.

John Gagliano is honored to have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum this past month. The museum is located in historic “Hangar One” at the Cape May, NJ Airport. Naval Air Station Wildwood was an active duty base that trained hundreds of Naval Aviators until 1945. The museum maintains and displays a treasure trove of military memorabilia and dozens of aircraft including an F-16 Fighting Falcon, an F-14 Tomcat, an A-4 Skyhawk, a TBM Avenger, a T-28 Trojan, an AH-1 Cobra helicopter, and more. The museum features interactive educational and aviation exhibits for adults and children of all ages. The museum also stands as a memorial to the 42 Naval Aviators who were killed in training accidents while stationed there.  The museum is accessible by air at the Cape May Airport (identifier WWD) or by car it is just 6 miles from downtown Cape May, NJ.

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