Aviation Regulation

If you need help navigating aviation regulations, or if you are a pilot or operator facing FAA action or NTSB questions, your aviation lawyer should know the industry. John has passed the FAA’s rigorous test for Airline Transport Pilots and is trusted by the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association as a pilot protection attorney.

Aviation is one of the most highly regulated and specialized industries in the country. There are thousands of pages of aviation regulations in two different parts of the Code of Federal Regulations, some are in Title 14 (Aeronautics) and some are in Title 49 (Transportation). The regulations change often, according to the rules of the FAA or Department of Transportation.

Do You Know Your Rights as a Pilot or as a Passenger?

With decades of experience in aviation and aviation regulations, Gagliano Law Offices will be able to answer your questions, explain your options, and defend your rights.

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