CBS Mornings | President’s Day Weekend Helicopter Crash Commentary

John Gagliano Aviation Attorney

February 21, 2022

This past President’s Day weekend was unfortunately a deadly one for the aviation community.  Two helicopter crashes occurred within hours of each other in Florida and California.  Tragically, a police officer was killed and the pilot was injured in a crash near Newport Beach, California.  Two other people were injured in a crash near Miami, Florida though a third person in Florida miraculously survived uninjured.  These two helicopters – an MD 500N in California and a Robinson R44 in Florida – are very different machines though it seems they both suffered mechanical problems.

John Gagliano provided commentary to CBS Mornings about this national aviation news.  The full story is available from CBS News and a short clip is available on YouTube.  John regularly explains aviation events for the public and he provides aviation regulation discussions for lawyers and professional pilots.

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