Aviation Leadership

John Gagliano is honored to have been elected to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) for a three-year term, beginning in 2020.  NAFI is the preeminent national organization of flight instructors that supports a commitment to professionalism and aviation excellence.  

NAFI’s mission also promotes the flight instructor’s essential role in the advancement of aviation safety, education and training.  John has been an active flight instructor since 2004 and his selection to the NAFI Board of Directors reaffirms his commitment to NAFI’s mission of aviation safety.  To learn more about NAFI, to view some of its resources and to join you can visit the NAFI website here:  https://www.nafinet.org/

To become an FAA-Certified Flight Instructor, a pilot must first earn a commercial pilot certificate, pass an aerospace medical examination, pass a written test, pass a practical test, demonstrate skill in precision flying and show an aptitude for on-the-ground and in-flight instructional techniques.  The FAA’s specific requirements to keep and maintain a flight instructor certificate are in the Federal Aviation Regulations at 14 CFR Part 61, Subpart H.  

John Gagliano is an aviation lawyer and a former U.S. Navy pilot with more than twenty years of aviation and legal experience.  John has represented aviation clients against the biggest airlines and manufacturers with proven results.  You can reach Gagliano Law Offices at (215) 554-6170 or email John directly at john@gagliano.lahttps://www.nafinet.org/