If you are an individual or small business with a claim or if your family has been affected by an accident or tragedy, you need a lawyer who will litigate fearlessly on your behalf.

John’s work as a lawyer has generated more than $111 million in verdicts and settlements. The reasons are simple: dedication and experience.

Dedication means a focus on litigation. An engineering degree and years of teaching and courtroom experience give John the ability to explain complicated matters to courts and juries in an accessible, easily understandable way that leads to success.

Experience means having the wisdom to handle the most complex matters with a steady, combat- and trial-tested hand.

If you are an accident victim, we operate on a contingent fee basis – that means that you do not pay for legal services or legal costs unless and until there is a recovery.

If you have an individual or small business claim, we have the flexibility to work out billing arrangements that fit your needs.

You can contact John directly via email at