Drone Law

Drones offer exciting and groundbreaking opportunities for people and businesses to expand their horizons, serve their customers, generate income, and have fun. They also offer pitfalls, problems, and potential liability. Drone law is still developing nationwide, in every state, and even in small municipalities.

The FAA calls drones “Unmanned Aerial Systems” (UAS) or if they are less than 55 pounds, “small Unmanned Aerial Systems” (sUAS). According to the FAA, the aerial system is the aircraft itself, payload, or camera and it includes the operator, the remote control, a spotter, a video operator, and all associated people and equipment. Everyone must be trained; there must be one person in charge.

There are operational, safety, privacy, administrative, and law enforcement questions for both commercial and hobby drone operators. John holds an FAA sUAS commercial license under Part 107 and knows the industry.

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