US Navy/USAF Joint Flyovers April 28, 2020

Flyover routes & times are now available for the April 28, 2020 flyovers of NYC, Philadelphia, and NJ areas. ... Continue Reading

Kobe Bryant Flight Path Analysis

January 27, 2020 The tragic crash of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter on Sunday January 26, 2020 raises many questions, with few answers in the early days of the investigation. The NTSB will likely take a year or more to publish its facts and conclusions. On January 27th, Matt DeLucia from Philadelphia’s NBC10 News interviewed John Gagliano […] ... Continue Reading

Airline Injuries During Holiday Travel

With the holiday travel season now in full swing, people often have questions about their rights while travelling on the airlines and at the airport. Unfortunately, things like physical injuries, delays, and lost baggage ruin holiday travel. The FAA has published holiday travel safety tips that everyone should follow but unfortunately injuries can still occur. […] ... Continue Reading

Facts About Aviation Crash Investigations – Independent Investigations

Part Three of Three – Independent Investigations For aviation accidents involving a fatality, serious injuries or major property damage, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigates the crash and it produces several documents as part of the investigation. The first document is a brief Preliminary Report. The Preliminary Report is typically released to the public […] ... Continue Reading

Facts About Aviation Crash Investigations – Government Investigations

Part Two of Three – Government Investigations In 1974 Congress established the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as an independent government agency, outside of the Department of Transportation and the FAA. Congress tasked the NTSB with the investigation of civil aircraft accidents and coordination with the military to investigate combined military and civilian aircraft accidents. […] ... Continue Reading

Facts About Aviation Crash Investigations – Immediately After A Crash

  Part One of Three – Immediately After A Crash The unthinkable has happened. You have been involved in an aviation crash or, worse, you have been notified that a loved one has been involved in a crash. Part One of this three-part series is meant to inform you about the things that you should […] ... Continue Reading

Boeing 737 MAX – Deadly Hidden Technology in Lion Air Flight 610

The latest Boeing 737 aircraft hid new technology from pilots in a deadly mistake. ... Continue Reading

Veteran’s Day. Never Forget

November 11, 2018 This Veteran’s Day, I’m honored as always to have served our country, but I’m more thankful for the service of others. Especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in their service, unfortunately that includes friends and clients, and all gold star families. Congressman-elect Crenshaw put it well this past Saturday Night […] ... Continue Reading

John Gagliano Honored With Board of Directors Position

October 6, 2018. John Gagliano is honored to have been elected to the Board of Directors of the Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum this past month. The museum is located in historic “Hangar One” at the Cape May, NJ Airport. Naval Air Station Wildwood was an active duty base that trained hundreds of Naval Aviators until 1945. […] ... Continue Reading